Light Side

    • Generous, charismatic relationship builders.
    • Great at creating powerful connections within their social circles.
    • Natural optimists with an intrinsic faith in the goodness of humankind.
    • The ability to inspire people towards their vision for the world.
    • Baffled by people’s obsession with money.

    Dark Side

    • Overly trusting and lacking in financial awareness.
    • Use their connections for the profit of others, not themselves.
    • The ease with which they make money can make them complacent about its value.
    • Can become easy prey for unscrupulous people in their social circles.
    • Lack of personal financial accountability.




How do I budget?

If your money-archetype is the Social Bonder, budgeting might not be top of mind for you. That’s not because you don’t care about your finances.

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Shape up your money

Being a Social Bonder, money is not the alpha and omega to you. While it’s good not to be obsessed with money, shaping up your finances in the current economic climate should be a priority - regardless of your money archetype.

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The ‘why’ behind our spending

The human relationship with money is a complex one and can’t be attributed to only one cause or factor. As a Social Bonder, you’re in danger of being a bit too relaxed about your finances.

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