Light Side

    • An Expert saver.
    • Usually have a plan for their financial future and that of their families.
    • Seldom prone to debt.
    • Always prepared for the worst.
    • Financially savvy, stable and reliable – great providers.

    Dark Side

    • The amount of money that they have is never enough.
    • May find it difficult to spend money on things they don’t need.
    • May be missing out on life.
    • May become workaholics.
    • They could alienate loved ones through extreme frugality.
    • May cause loved ones to overspend to compensate for their frugality.




New Greenbacks – a money management programme that rewards you.

As a Penny-pincher, rewards, discounts and special offers are always welcome. What if we told you that Nedbank offers a money management programme that offers you more than simply points?

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How do I grow my money in the short term?

Being on a tight budget makes investment sound like a dream that’s meant for people who’ve already ‘made’ it, right? Wrong. You can start investing a small amount and see your money grow over a short period of time

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Travel tips from Nedbank Travel Card

You know what they say: all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – or Jill a dull girl, for that matter. As a Penny-pincher, travelling is probably not high up on your priority list, but recreational activities are really important for a balanced lifestyle.

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