Light Side

    • Successful, self-made, charming and generous.
    • Has the potential to achieve great things.
    • Always the centre of attention.
    • Enjoys arriving in style.
    • Loves expensive luxury items.
    • Will likely pay for the next round of drinks.
    • Can be well-known or even ‘famous’ in the community, which is useful for developing their business/es.

    Dark Side

    • The potential to live beyond their means.
    • Compulsion to chase empty praise from the people around them.
    • Often fail to channel their wealth into protecting their legacy or securing the future.
    • May invest time and money into shallow, fleeting relationships which puts them at risk of others taking advantage of them.




What to do with your extra cash

If your money archetype happens to be the Big Shot, you can probably relate to things like being the one who buys that extra round of drinks. Having a taste for the finer things in life is alright but take care not to overspend.

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Should I have debt?

This is always a tough one to crack. Surprisingly, the answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Being a Big Shot, you probably have a good credit score. With that comes access to credit.

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Why should I choose a unit trust?

As a Big Shot, you understand the importance of investment and the power of sound money choices. You’ve also heard a lot of talk around unit trusts, but what exactly is a unit trust, and why should you be investing in one?

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