Light Side

    • A magnetic and charismatic leader.
    • Has the potential to do good and create real change in the home and community.
    • Loves to spend on luxuries or financial support for those around them.

    Dark Side

    • Gifts can be transactional - the Gifter often expects something in return.
    • May come to feel that they own the people they are buying for, resulting in unhealthy or even abusive relationships.
    • May neglect to save for the future.




Should I have debt?

This is always a difficult one to determine. Surprisingly, the answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Being a Gifter, you probably have a good credit score. With that comes access to credit.

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Travel tips from Nedbank Travel Card

If your money archetype is the Gifter, your job and lifestyle has probably taken you places. As a lover of seeing the world, you’re likely planning your next trip as we speak.

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How and for how long do I invest?

As a Gifter, you enjoy sharing what you have. However, don’t lose sight of the future. Investment is an important part of making provision for tomorrow. With that said, it’s important to figure out what you’re investing for.

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