Light Side

    • Optimistic out-of-the-box idea generators.
    • Highly creative people discovering revolutionary ways to do business or to work.
    • Have the potential to become powerful catalysts of change in their communities – or for their country.
    • Not driven by money, but appreciative of it.
    • Have the potential to make money easily.
    • Can inspire and empower others.

    Dark Side

    • Can be too trusting of others.
    • Are resistant to monetising their ideas.
    • Can be unrealistic about the world or impractical when it comes to money.
    • May find it difficult to achieve financial security and independence.
    • May feel that having money makes them a bad person.




Cashflow tips for small-business survival

While, as a Dreamer, you may have a million-rand idea, a great concept will only get you so far. Running a small business requires a lot of hard work, determination, and perhaps most importantly, a steady cashflow

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Getting to know more about funding

It’s a harsh reality, but a dream will remain just that if you don’t figure out ways to fund your ideas, and subsequently monetise them.

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Entrepreneurial insights - failure is an option

Being a Dreamer, you know all about fear of failure. As a creative soul, you could be in danger of putting your dreams on the backburner because you’re reluctant to take risks, knowing that your dreams might spiral into a nosedive.

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