Financial Archetype Quiz

How it works: The quiz consists of 8 sections, each relating to a different aspect of your relationship with money. Simply complete each section by selecting the responses that best reflect your feelings about the various statements. There is no right or wrong answer, so don’t overthink it.

I like to spoil the people I care for with gifts and money, rather than my time.
I get upset when people don't appreciate my gifts or how much I spend on them.
I feel more secure in my relationships when I am able to provide gifts or financial support.
I buy things for myself that make a statement and get attention.
I am a spur-of-the-moment shopper and often end up buying more than I plan to.
I buy expensive items because I can and it’s important to show how successful I am.
I’m always worrying about unforeseen expenses.
I believe you can never have enough money.
When I spend money on luxuries, I feel:
I believe you need to risk a lot of money to make a lot of money.
I am driven by the thrill of making money fast.
I will consider financial risks that most people think are too risky.
I was taught not to be too greedy when it comes to money.
I feel uncomfortable charging for my ideas, creations or skills.
I feel like people take my ideas and make money off them without me
The people I trust with my money are:
I hide money around the house or in strange places “just in case”.
No one knows how much money I have or where I have put it.
I have no idea how much money I have.
I like to leave the money stuff to other people.
Building relationships with people is what life is about, not money.