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financial wellness content recommended for the social bonder

Emotional Blind Spot

For many Social Bonders, their disinterest in money comes from never having been in control of their money, or not understanding how it all works. The resulting lack of confidence makes it harder for them to stand up for their right to be in charge of their own financial destiny.

Money Blind Spot

Leaving the “money stuff” to someone else could end up costing the Social Bonder more than they can afford to lose. Should anything happen to the person who does control their money, would they know what to do? Their power lies in knowing what is happening taking control.

Positive Actions

Just because Social Bonders don’t understand money now doesn’t mean that they can’t. They are just as capable as any of the other more “numbers oriented” archetypes of gaining control of and managing their own money. Simply shifting their belief in their own abilities can be all it takes to set them on a path to independence.

Positive Money Secrets

Understanding of where their money is going, what it is doing and who controls it is vitally important for everyone – including Educating themselves on the basics, like how to create a budget, and getting a financial advisor to conduct a risk assessment, are easy and attainable steps Social Bonders can take towards becoming their own financial powerhouses.

Recommended solutions from Nedbank.

Ke Yona bundle

Money hassle is not your thing. You like things easy and straightforward. That’s why a Ke Yona bundle could be the account for you. With a fixed monthly fee, R2 000 funeral cover, and free digital subscription, it’s more of what you need and less of what you don’t.

Savvy Plus

As a Social Bonder, another no-frills-or-fuss account option is a Savvy Plus Account. You pay a fixed monthly fee and get a gold cheque card. You can also add or remove benefits as and when you need to.

Personal loans

You enjoy helping friends and family. While it’s important to ensure that you’re not taken advantage of, a personal loan could make a difference to your own life or a loved one’s. Explore Nedbank’s flexible loan options, great interest rates, and easy online application.

Vehicle Finance

As a Social Bonder, you need to be mindful of getting the best deal, because your trusting nature can be detrimental at times. MFC, a division of Nedbank, has a step-by-step guide to help you finance your vehicle. From calculating what you can afford to finding a reliable vehicle and finalising the application process.

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