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Emotional Blind Spot

When a Risker wins big, it becomes like a drug, urging them to reach for more unusual, more daring and more exciting opportunities to get the rush they’re looking for. When they lose, the resulting unhappiness could lead them to take even crazier risks in search of the next big win.

Money Blind Spot

Riskers are capable of losing all but the clothes on their backs through one unfortunate twist of fate. This kind of frenetic behaviour makes them unreliable when it comes to things like regular payments and “adulting”.

Positive Actions

When a Risker harnesses their financial bravery while maintaining an eagle-eye on whether they’re using their head or their heart in a deal, they have the potential to be abundant wealth creators. By looking into their emotional state at the time of a financial decision, they could assess whether they are chasing the rush or making a level-headed, sound choice.

Positive Money Secrets

For those with minor risk taking behaviour, they may want to identify what, or who, are the triggers of their risky behaviour. This can help them develop a structure, using boundaries for their identified triggers and enablers, that prevents the patterns from unfolding. An example of this is to set up debit orders to override the temptations to spend their available cash on a risky deal. For individuals who are compulsive spenders and risk takers, it is recommended that they seek professional treatment.

Recommended solutions from Nedbank.

Business Banking

As a Risker, you like to imagine the bigger picture. That’s why you need bigger-picture banking. Nedbank Business Banking views every requirement of your business holistically and can offer you a simple, practical and viable solution for every need.


Taking risks is part of who you are. You have great potential to hit the big time, but taking risks is exactly that - risky. Why not go the calculated route? Nedbank has a range of long- and short-term investment options that offer flexibility, competitive interest rates, and other benefits.

Financial Planning

Risks can’t always be calculated. Fortunately, Nedbank has a range of offerings to help you plan for the future from making provision for your family to education, investment, and retirement planning.


As a Risker, travelling will inevitably be part of your ventures. A Nedbank Travel Card is a safe, convenient and affordable way to access your money on the go. You can load up to eight currencies, manage your funds and reload your card on the Nedbank Money app.

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