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Light Side

  • An Expert saver.
  • Usually have a plan for their financial future and that of their families.
  • Seldom prone to debt.
  • Always prepared for the worst.
  • Financially savvy, stable and reliable – great providers.

Dark Side

  • The amount of money that they have is never enough.
  • May find it difficult to spend money on things they don’t need.
  • May be missing out on life.
  • May become workaholics.
  • They could alienate loved ones through extreme frugality.
  • May cause loved ones to overspend to compensate for their frugality.

Emotional Blind Spots

Most Penny-pinchers have experienced extreme poverty or financial loss at some point in their lives, and the idea of spending their money frivolously or of not adding to their wealth is completely unimaginable to them. This could lead to them missing out on experiencing the life they envisioned for themselves.

Positive Actions

Identifying the time in their life when fear and desperation were triggered around money could help the Penny-pincher to see how they are caught in a kind of emotional time capsule, despite the fact that their financial situation is now vastly different. However, there are times when the compulsivity and fear can be so deep seated that professional help is needed.

Money Blind Spots

The Penny-pincher’s extreme hesitancy to part with their money may cause them to second-guess every move. From missing out on a great sale item to being so risk-averse that they miss big investment opportunities and living a full, rewarding life.

Positive Money Secrets

The Penny-pincher could take a deep look at all the things they secretly want to have, own or experience. By writing these things down, they can create a budget and a plan to achieve them, so that they can avoid missing out on all that life has to offer in a way that aligns with their need to be in control of their money.

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