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Emotional Blind Spot

While the Mattress Banker can be relied upon to create an impressive legacy for their families, their secretiveness and mistrust of others may be keeping them from developing truly meaningful relationships.

Money Blind Spot

The Mattress Banker’s mistrust of financial institutions means that their money is, obviously, under the mattress, in the floorboards or buried under the rose bushes. They’re likely not to tell anyone how much they have or what they have done with it. The responsibility for their wealth is entirely on their shoulders. This usually results in a very poor credit rating, and leaving them one fire, flood or theft away from losing it all.

Positive Actions

It would be useful for Mattress Bankers understand what trust means to them. Who do they trust and why? Who trusts them and why? How has their trust been broken in the past? And how is this transferred, perhaps unjustly, to their current personal relationships? If they can trust other people, is it possible that the world isn’t such a dark, scary place after all?

Positive Money Secrets

Mattress Bankers may need to reassess their values and behaviour around saving and investing. How secure is their wealth? Is there a chance that diversifying their financial portfolio from everything under the mattress to a few more secure investments could solidify their wealth rather than risking it?