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Core characteristics

Emotional Blind Spot

Gifters may, on some level, believe that they do not deserve their success, love or affection. So, all the over-the-top spending is a way to ensure love, respect, recognition and status - all of which the Gifter needs in order to feel a sense of self-worth.

Money Blind Spot

Although Gifters are often successful, they don't always focus on saving. If they found themselves in financial difficulty, they're unlikely to reveal any money issues to those around them. Gifters can be prone to placing themselves at risk.

Positive Actions

When Gifters overcome their challenges, they're able to focus on what is really important to them, such as relationships that are based on love and care. They're able to make changes in their communities and give out of a sense of mutual love and respect.

Positive Money Secrets

Gifters need to prioritise who and what they spend their money on. A financial plan or budget can help them to see where they can spoil themselves and others within their financial means. Once they have the emotional aspects of their money habits under control, they could refocus their generosity towards long-term financial security or building a legacy for change within their communities.