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Light Side

  • Optimistic out-of-the-box idea generators.
  • Highly creative people discovering revolutionary ways to do business or to work.
  • Have the potential to become powerful catalysts of change in their communities – or for their country.
  • Not driven by money, but appreciative of it.
  • Have the potential to make money easily.
  • Can inspire and empower others.

Dark Side

  • Can be too trusting of others.
  • Are resistant to monetising their ideas.
  • Can be unrealistic about the world or impractical when it comes to money.
  • May find it difficult to achieve financial security and independence.
  • May feel that having money makes them a bad person.

Emotional Blind Spots

Many Dreamers have a deep-seated, often unconscious belief that having money makes you a bad person and that talking about money is rude. This means that, on some level, they may be resisting the opportunity to make money, leaving the field open for someone to swoop in and turn their ideas into a business.

Positive Actions

Writing down their beliefs and feelings around money, or the things that they say when talking about money, is an excellent exercise for Dreamers. It may reveal to them unconscious beliefs that they didn’t even know that they had. It could also help them see how their own financial success does not have to come at the expense of others.

Money Blind Spots

Dreamers may find that they’re so focused on the outcome of their idea that they lose track of how it can be used to make money for them. Their altruism can blind them to their need to succeed or live in the world of money. They may also find it difficult to assign a value to their ideas or creativity.

Positive Money Secrets

Dreamers need to learn that it’s okay to spend as much energy on themselves as they do on others, and that it’s okay to put themselves first. Once they do, they may discover that money enables their ideas, and that their own financial prosperity can be their most powerful a tool in making the world a better place.

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