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Emotional Blind Spot

The biggest hurdle the Carer needs to overcome is their sense of guilt for having money when others don’t – even though they worked hard for their success. They feel they must help anyone and everyone who approaches them. This duty to ‘rescue’ can create situations where others are dependent on the Carer which makes the Carer feel needed.

Money Blind Spot

Carers may be channeling so much into others that they neglect building their own financial legacy. In extreme cases, they may end up falling prey to money lenders or “mashonisas”, which could spell the end of all they have worked so hard to achieve.

Positive Actions

Instead of giving those in need money, Carers could find ways to educate and equip them to be self-sufficient. This way, the Carer shifts their role from that of a rescuer to that of a teacher. From there, they may be able to set new boundaries that give them the freedom to say no.

Positive Money Secrets

Scenario planning might be a good idea. By running through a few ‘what if’ scenarios, a Carer will be able to see what would be left for their immediate family to live on should something happen to them tomorrow. This should help them realise that giving without end could lead to insecurity in their own financial affairs. Then, they can create a new plan that allows them to help while still building their wealth, giving them even greater scope for service in the long run.

Recommended solutions from Nedbank.

Unlocked.Me and Nedbank 4Me

As a Carer, you make your money work for you and those around you. That’s why you need an account that helps you stretch your budget even further. With an Unlocked.Me or Nedbank 4Me Account, you get unlimited card swipes, free access to Nedbank self-service channels, and reduced transaction fees.

Student loans

Want to upskill yourself or perhaps give a loved one the gift of a tertiary education? Then a Nedbank Student Loan could be a smart move. From flexible repayment options and great interest rates to starting repayment only once the qualification has been completed.

Nedbank Bursary Fund and Graduate Development Programme

To you, being a Carer means giving others a head start in life. We share that belief, and a Nedbank bursary could just be that head start. Nedbank is also in the business of developing our future leaders through the Nedbank Graduate Development Programme.

Second-hand Vehicle Loans

You realise the value of money. ‘As good as new’ is good enough for you. That’s why a second-hand vehicle loan could be ideal for you. Nedbank finances vehicles up to 20 years old between the value of R40 000 and R250 000 at accredited dealers.

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