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Emotional Blind Spot

The Big Shot may have grown up without money and may have even experienced rejection or ridicule as a result. This may result in painful emotional scars which are the root of their compulsion to reaffirm their achievements in the eyes of others.

Money Blind Spot

The Big Shot’s need for instant gratification means they don’t always think long-term and will often go into debt. Once they are in financial difficulty, they may become resistant to acknowledging it, spending even more to feel better.

Positive Actions

By looking into their past, Big Shots may discover how or when they started believing that they needed “things” to feel good. This could help them identify their triggers for over-spending. Once they do that, they can begin to break the cycle, opening the door for change.

Positive Money Secrets

Big Shots who have the financial means could consider using their wealth for good as a healthier way to get the validation they seek. Less wealthy Big Shots may need to put stopgaps in place to funnel their money into savings or investments – or to pay off their credit – before they can spend it. Spending time (not money) with people, by volunteering, is another way to start to fill an emotional void.

Recommended solutions from Nedbank.

Professional Banking

If you identify as a Big Shot, you need a 360 banking suite that fits in with your lifestyle. That’s why Nedbank Professional Banking offers you the private banking experience you deserve. With a dedicated relationship banker, you’ll get access to the best financial advice, a host of perks and top-rated digital banking channels

Vehicle Finance

You want the wheels, the house, and the white picket fence. We get that. But as a Big Shot, you have to make sensible financial decisions. MFC, a division of Nedbank, has a step-by-step guide to help you finance your vehicle. From calculating what you can afford, to finding a vehicle and finalising the application process.


You work hard for your money. How you enjoy it, is up to you. But in a culture that promotes excessive buying, you’d be wise to save a little something for a rainy day. Nedbank has a range of long- and short-term investment options that offer flexibility, competitive interest rates, and other benefits.


Being the life of the party doesn’t always equate to good behaviour. But when it comes to your money choices, it’s a different story. The new Greenbacks is a money management programme that rewards you for making savvy financial decisions. You could earn Greenbacks, receive coupons, vouchers, partner discounts, and much more.

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