About Money Secrets

We all have unconscious beliefs about money – “money secrets” that can influence the way you see money, use money, save money and even think about money every day. At Nedbank we believe that there lies great power in understanding your relationship with money – whether you’re a Penny Pincher who likes to save, a Risker who loves to go all in, or a Big Shot who likes to impress.

That’s why we created the Money Secrets quiz to help you determine your financial archetype and understand how best to apply these money secrets in your daily life.


In these uncertain times, when money stresses could be adding to the burden of fear, anxiety and isolation, it’s now even more relevant to know how to manage your emotions, based on your archetype.

The Gifter

The Big Shot

The Carer

The Social Bonder

The Penny Pincher

The Risker

The Dreamer

The Mattress Banker

The Gifter The Gifter

The Big Shot The Big Shot

The Carer The Carer

The Penny Pincher The Penny Pincher

The Risker The Risker

The Dreamer The Dreamer

The Social Bonder The Social Bonder

The Mattress Banker The Mattress Banker

What is your
money archetype?

how it works:

This quiz consists of 8 sections, each relating to a different aspect of your relationship with money. Simply complete each section by selecting the responses that best reflect your feelings about the various statements.

There is no right or wrong answer, so don’t overthink it.

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